Chair Drumming 2 ‘The Wee Man from Skye’ age 5 + (Early to First Level) Click here for more information


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This resource is the first in a series of resources which shows a detailed progression towards reading standard notation starting through shape. It is a fun and engaging way to teach children how to read and play through body percussion which leads on to using claves or drumsticks for chair (or table) drumming activities.

This Music Resource Bundle includes: a 10 page Teaching Plan/Guide and 2 PPT Resources.

As a guide, this resource, delivered as part (20 – 25 mins) of a weekly music lesson and followed up with 2 x 10/ 15mins lessons during the week could take up to 6- 8 weeks to be ready for a performance in a class assembly or concert.

1.Teaching Plan:

The Teaching Guide or Plan has very detailed steps in how to teach ‘keeping a beat’ and playing simple rhythm patterns through the shapes, square and circle which leads on to playing a series of rhythm patterns using Chair Drumming to a lovely Scottish track ‘The Wee Man from Skye’. This track is from a CD Mist in the Glen:

The activity has been recorded as a Play Along and the link to this is in the Teaching Plan/Guide. The Play Along  supports learners in following the rhythm patterns as each beat is highlighted.

2. The 2 PowerPoint Resources:  Chair Drumming 2a includes the PPT slides which are referred to in the Teaching Plan. Chair Drumming 2b has all the PPT slides which are used in the Play Along. A super resource to have to help support learners in practising the series of rhythm patterns.