I am dedicated to making Music Education accessible, enjoyable, and enriching for all ages.

Discover a range of fun and engaging resources designed to support Primary and Music Teachers in delivering inspiring lessons with a special focus in developing skills to read and play ‘keeping the beat’ and rhythm patterns through Body Percussion, Chair Drumming, and Bucket Drumming!

Primary Music Resources

Check out my engaging and practical Primary Music Resources, which include detailed lesson plans and designed to cover 6 to 8 weeks of term content.

Music Workshops

Check out my Music Workshops on offer at The Johnston, Kirkcudbright.

Music Education Workshops

Music Professional Development for Primary Teachers and Music Teachers

More information here on the courses on offer.

If you would prefer a one-to-one, group or school session, please get in touch

Hi, I’m Kate Picken and I have over 35 years experience in teaching music in primary schools.
I love finding ways to make music fun and engaging for young learners.
Check out my Primary Music Resources  which include detailed lesson plans designed to support class teachers in delivering music in the classroom.
All resources are available as digital downloads.